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Useless George Eustace morphs into Pol Pot as he calls for workers on furlough to “bring the harvest home”, in echoes of Cambodian Leader Pol Pot.

Since it is Eustace’s own party’s immigration rules that ban foreign pickers from Bulgaria and Romania that’s a bit fucking strong.

Early arrivals at Eustace’s own farm were surprised to be kitted out in neat blue cotton uniforms then forced to hand over their books and glasses which were smashed in front of them. They were then marched off to the tune of the Cambodian Army Band playing the old classic “high ho high ho its off to work we go”.

Mr Eustace said it was a remarkable demonstration of Briton’s strength and resourcefulness and that after a previous plea for Britons to join the fruit picking work force saw just 112 people take up roles out of 50,000 applications it was about time some British spirit was drilled into them, neatly avoiding having farms offer an incentives such as a living wage.

One furloughed worker, garden centre manager Mr. Paul Pottingshed welcomed the Pick for Briton Camps that were springing up , he told us “There is nothing more British than slogging away all day to line sir’s pockets. I’m just happy to get out the house to be honest, I just wish they clean the portaloo, atleast once a week?” shortly before being march around the rear of the barn.

Loud bang off camera…

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