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It is only now that we are against the Tories and that you see that we could have mobilised unions to protect their staff much earlier – on the buses as well as the trains.

Crow would have ensured transport staff would have looked after their members a lot better than the present leadership has. Would he had allowed 17 members of his union to have died without action? No chance.

Of course his Brexit support was a major flaw, and his TUSC was same old old but… he was a decent working class geezer.

You can always tell a good agitator and Bob Crow certainly was one. When he appeared on Question Time he’d start off as pantomime leftie but emerge with cheers and applause from an audience who thought they’d hate him. He’d make the ideas of the Left seem common sense. My mum and dad added him to Skinner and Benn as the ones they’d stay up to watch on Question Time, and Arthur of course.

I watched Bob Crow march at Tolpuddle on a sunny day dancing gleefully in front of the RMT brass band – he was in his element, a cross between the glowing pride of his union and a kid whose Christmases had all come at once. He was of the class, by the class and for he class. He was absolutely at home with working class people in a way Corbyn could never be.

The Labour left will stick with Harmer and Angela Rayner cos if not the dread Blairites will return.

Outside the left, there isn’t even a Tommy Sheridan or George Galloway on the horizon. Maybe we can expect another Left Unity, Andrew Burgin‘s been posting photos of them recently.

Of course, as anarchists, we have no need for leaders, but dancing in the street with Bob Crow is another thing!

Cheers mate.

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